Wonder Woman. SuperGirl. Black Widow. Women can be superheroes, though that’s not what the media has been saying for the past few years. Many women, before now, didn’t see themselves in superhero movies. It was always the love interest, the damsel in distress — that seemed to be the only role for a woman in […]

pride and joy

Today, I wore a gay pride shirt to school. In light of the recent election events, people in the LGBT community are terrified. With Trump being elected and claiming he wants to put judges on the Supreme Court, and his running mate being a supporter of conversion therapy (for more information on why this is […]

shut up and dance

Monday night, I did no homework whatsoever. Now, I probably should have been studying for my chemistry test, or reading my chapter for APUSH, or doing any multitude of other things. But instead, I threw all that out the window. (Not literally, though that would have been incredibly satisfying.) I spent almost two and a […]

front page frustrations

If I’m jealous of my friend, does that make me a horrible person? In a few days, the first edition of The Chronicle for the school year comes out. It’s the first edition I’ve ever been a part of, and I’m incredibly excited. Except… I don’t know if I’m eve going to be in it. […]

the strangest thing

Everybody loves Stranger Things. That is, everybody but me. If you haven’t heard yet, Stranger Things is a Netflix Original show that’s been sweeping the internet. Everybody is obsessed. So, almost two months ago, I decided I would give it a try. It has now been months, and I am about ten minutes into the […]

there’s no place like homecoming

Today I asked a girl to homecoming. Now, before you ask, no. We aren’t dating. Yes, I am gay. You’re not missing something, and I’m not confused. Just needed to clear that up. Now, I did ask my friend Delaney to homecoming today. She’s technically my “date”, but we’re only going as friends. So why […]