teens flood streets to make voices heard

(originally published 2/16/17 on thecspn.com and in the february edition of the mhs chronicle) Students at Mason High School want to be heard, and they’re willing to travel great distances to make their voices known. Senior Hannah Geiger can’t vote, but she can influence voters. On January 27, 2017, Geiger traveled to Washington D.C. to […]

just listen.

Anything powerful will be controversial. That’s a given. As I helped distribute the Chronicle this morning, nothing made this more evident than our cover story. On our cover, we featured a story about transgender students at Mason High School. We knew going into this issue that we would get some backlash. But in the end […]

panel informs community of how to fight heroin

(originally published 1/14/17 on thecspn.com) The community of Mason is pulling together to shoot down the heroin epidemic. On January 11, Mason High School hosted a panel with distinguished leaders from the area to discuss the danger of the recent outbreak of opioid abuse and how to combat addiction. This was in conjunction with the […]

popular video games making way to the big screen

(originally published 12/15/16 on thecspn.com and in the december 2016 edition of the mhs chronicle) Put down your Playstation and grab your popcorn–video games are hitting the silver screen. With the advent of increased graphics, stories, and accuracy in gaming, movie directors are adapting many popular games into film. One such movie, “Assassin’s Creed,” is […]

horoscope believers see proof in the stars

(originally published 11/18/16 on thecspn.com and in the november edition of the mhs chronicle) If your horoscope gets your future right, it might be a sign. Horoscopes center around the concept that the position of the stars can influence a person’s life. Egyptians observed 12 constellations positioned throughout different points in the sun’s 12 month […]