pride and joy

Today, I wore a gay pride shirt to school.

In light of the recent election events, people in the LGBT community are terrified. With Trump being elected and claiming he wants to put judges on the Supreme Court, and his running mate being a supporter of conversion therapy (for more information on why this is so appalling click here), we are feeling kind of attacked. Yet I wore my pride shirt to school.

Do I feel more worried about my safety and basic human rights after this election? Absolutely, I’m incredibly scared. But even through this, I am proud of who I am.

You see, Trump may take away my rights and Pence may try and send me to conversion therapy, but that isn’t going to change who I am. Other things may come up throughout the course of his presidency that are unprecedented, and things could go south very quickly — but I will still be proud of who I am. I am making a choice to not live in fear; I will live in love. Because last year, love won when gay marriage was legalized, and though fear and anger may have won this election, I have faith that love will win again.

I don’t regret my decision to be out, even with this result. Because I am going to be the bigger person, and push for progress. This isn’t a stop, it’s only a speed bump. Because next election, progress will continue and things will get better. In 2020, I will proudly vote for progress, for a better, more accepting America. I could live in fear for the next four years, or I could prepare for change. (Hint: I’m choosing change.)

We can hope for a Trump presidency that’s vastly different fro what he’s presented on the campaign trail, but there are no guarantees. The only guarantee I can make is this : nothing is going to change who I am, no matter what happens in the next four years. I will continue to take pride in who I am, and continue to push for progress.


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