comets defeat sycamore in three straight sets in annual volley for the cure match

(originally published 9/21/16 on

Pass. Set. Cure.

On September 21, Mason Girls Volleyball took home a win in three straight sets during the annual Susan G. Komen Volley for the Cure.

Head coach, Tiann Myer, said the charity aspect of the game sets it apart from other games they play during the season.

“It was an emotional game,” Myer said. “With Volley for the Cure being such a big event, all our girls were feeling the pressure.”

With emotions running high, Mason got off to a slightly rocky start. As they gained momentum, they started to widen their lead over the Aviators until Sycamore put a halt on their scoring, taking three points in a row to put the score at 17-10 with the Comets ahead. A point by junior Abby Hughes allowed Mason to take the first set 25-14. Hughes said although they started slow, her team started to pull together as the first set went on.

“When we started, we were a little shaky,” Hughes said. “It took a little bit, but about halfway through the first set we got warm. We started to communicate better, and from there on, our gameplay only improved.”

The second set started off with an explosive serve from freshman Bailey Flowerdew, resulting in an ace. While Sycamore tried staged a comeback, at one point closing the gap to only three points, Mason remained ahead throughout the second set. Another ace by Flowerdew helped drive the Comets to 25 and win the set 25-12. Flowerdew said even though Sycamore began to build momentum, it was only a minor setback.

“We made one  mistake, and their points just started piling on,” Flowerdew said. “But then we bounced back. We got on a roll again, and we started to push ourselves more. It ended up only inconveniencing us a little.”

The Comets struck first during the third set, and never looked back. Sophomore Carly Gallagher struck the final blow with a block to end the game 25-12. Myer said that though the game was a difficult one, she had faith in her team.

“We started off, and we weren’t at the level of play we were hoping for,” Myer said. “But we settled in, and we really had to get down and focus like I knew my girls could. With Volley for the Cure being a part of this game too, I’m glad we pulled out the win.”


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