shut up and dance

Monday night, I did no homework whatsoever.

Now, I probably should have been studying for my chemistry test, or reading my chapter for APUSH, or doing any multitude of other things. But instead, I threw all that out the window. (Not literally, though that would have been incredibly satisfying.) I spent almost two and a half hours playing Just Dance with my siblings in my basement.

I know, that sounds absolutely ridiculous. And it was, but in the best way.

I haven’t played Just Dance in years, so naturally I made a complete fool of myself. (Some videos exist, and they’re downright hilarious.) For a while, it brought me back a few years. These past few weeks have been all stress all the time, and it was nice to just have that mental break. I didn’t even think of school once during that entire time period.

Lately, I haven’t been setting aside as much time for me as I should. I’m always working on schoolwork, or on my phone and worrying about things. But it was nice to just put that all away and have fun. I didn’t need to think about anything other than soundly defeating my siblings.

Though I’m physically sore — what do you expect after two hours of dancing? — my mind is refreshed. I feel better, like I just slept for those two hours instead of dancing. More often than not, we are focused on what comes next. What can we do to be ready to make the next day better? Or the one after that? But we need to live in the moment. As Walk the Moon put it, sometimes we need to shut up and dance.

My weeks will still be jam-packed with extracurriculars, work, and homework. But I now know that sometimes, all I need to do is dance like nobody’s watching, even if it is being filmed.


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