there’s no place like homecoming

Today I asked a girl to homecoming.

Now, before you ask, no. We aren’t dating. Yes, I am gay. You’re not missing something, and I’m not confused. Just needed to clear that up.

Now, I did ask my friend Delaney to homecoming today. She’s technically my “date”, but we’re only going as friends. So why would I go to make such a big deal about it if it isn’t an actual date? Because it’s fun, and because I can.

I will admit, asking somebody to homecoming seems like a daunting task, but both Delaney and I decided that at some point during our four years in high school, we wanted to be involved in something like this. So we figured, why not go together? We were friends, and we weren’t sure if it would happen in later years. So hey, there’s no time like the present.

I planned for weeks about how to ask her. I had a multitude of different ideas, some fantastic and others not so much. In the end, this is what I settled on. (pictures below, delete this parentheses later)

While I was nervous about the process, I knew she would say yes — she had already. I just wanted something cute and fun, and I think I hit the mark. Though it was a little weird for me, I had tons of fun with the entire process. I made cupcakes (and a mess), bounced all sorts of ideas off her best friend, and made a whole bunch of jokes. This was what I was looking for.

Many people see homecoming season as a huge stress. You have to find a dress, get a date, and plan everything just perfectly for the dance of your dreams. But the only item on the list of requirements for my perfect dance is this: fun.

I don’t need a date. Honestly, they just limit you, because it seems like you would feel obligated to spend the whole night with them. Going with friends negates that, because you can hang out with them at the dance, but it’s not mandatory the entire time. They understand that you’ll have other things to do, and you’ll just roll with it. No stress added.

All I want is a good group of people to hang out with, and to have a great time. Taking Delaney this year has been fun so far, and that’s all I could hope for. This time around, I’m doing it right.


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