student activities fair exposes students to new extracurricular activities

(originally published 8/26/16 on

Mason High School wants you to get involved.

On August 25, during student lunches, the Student Activities department put on an Activities Fair with hopes that students would be encouraged to check out some of the things MHS has to offer.

Student Activities Director Lori Fox-Allen said having this year’s Activity Fair separate from Open House gave more students the chance to sign up for new clubs.

“Many students don’t attend the open houses in the evening,” Fox-Allen said. “This way, we have a chance to reach them when they’re in school. Initially, we were worried about whether they would actually leave, but it seems like as soon as a couple people come up here, it makes others more interested.”

Junior Alyson Lam said with the fair being moved to lunchtime, clubs can reach out to students one-on-one without the added distraction of open house going on.

“I think it does give us a chance to get to a lot of students,” Lam said. “With the after school open houses, you are walking around with your parents, and it’s different when you’re by yourself. Since we have both this year, I think we have the potential to get a lot more students into our clubs.”

Fox-Allen said the new changes have been a success and has given students and parents an opportunity to ask questions about the extracurricular activities offered at MHS.

“The parents, they seem to like it,” Fox-Allen said. “They like that we’re there when their students can come, because not everybody can make it to open house. This way, we’re able to get more questions answered. It’s worked out fairly well, and I think we’re going to keep on doing it.”

There will be another activities fair, this one  in conjunction with open house, on September 7 at 5 P.M.. Fox-Allen said she expects the night to go off without a hitch.

“We’re anticipating for both events to go smoothly,” Fox-Allen said. “The first one has gone very well, and we hope that the second will be just as successful.”


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