not a narcissist

Most days, I am not my biggest fan. There are some days, though, where I look in the mirror, and I smile. I’m just happy to see myself, happy to be myself. Those days used to be few and far between, but are becoming more frequent.

People associate thee word narcissist with somebody who loves themselves. In today’s society, that has taken on a completely different meaning.

The actual meaning of the word is to be infatuated with oneself. Self-love and infatuation are two completely different things. Yet, sometimes they are not treated as such. In this day and age, most people hate themselves. It’s become a social norm to be dissatisfied with yourself to some extent, and a a byproduct of this, people who are happy with who they are have almost become shamed. They are seen as conceited for not being in the same pit as everybody else.

Whether it’s a production of society, mental disorders, or both, a whole lot of people don’t see themselves as the beautiful humans they truly are. They think they’re fat, ugly, dumb, all sorts of things, when in reality they aren’t. And honestly, that frustrates me, that people can’t see the greatness in them.

Now, I totally know the struggle, having gone through it myself (and still doing so on a daily basis). It’s not easy, not at all. But I’ve come to terms with it, and learned to be so much more positive–and that’s made a huge difference. By seeing the good in others, I can start to see it in myself. I see it in others, and my only hope is that they can start to see it too.

Some days, it’s hard. Some days it’s easy. But I am doing my very best to love myself. And if being happy with who I am makes me a narcissist, then so be it.


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