the write reasons

Why do I write?

I write to hide. I hide behind my words, building fortresses out of sentences. My paragraphs form the ramparts, protecting me from the world.

I write to expose. I put myself out there in my writing, I leave it all on the page. Every emotion I have can be boiled down to a few strung-together phrases.

I write to love. Through writing, I feel my passion. I feel the power that each word gives me, a second chance. Words are so much more forgiving than numbers, but when used correctly, are a million times more powerful.

There are a million reasons why I write. I can explain myself easier with words on a page than words from my mouth. I am so much more eloquent. I can take readers to faraway places, or remind them of something happening right now. I can use my words for good.

I am so much more comfortable behind a computer screen than I m in front of a crowd. With speeches, there are no second chances, but I can rewrite things as many times as I want. If I put my mind to it, I could rewrite history with my words.

People think I’m good at talking–admittedly, I am decent at it. But I’d rather write. Everything about it just feels more natural. Writing opens doors for me, giving me chances I didn’t think I would have before. There are so many answers to why I write.

“Why do you write?”

Because I can.


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