I love a lot of the things I’m doing right now. Student Government is great, I absolutely adore being on the school paper, and my friends are some of the best people I know. I’m doing well in school, and I care about my family. Those are the things that immediately pop into my mind when somebody asks me what my priorities are. The problem is, that’s completely wrong.

God was nowhere on that list. Absolutely nowhere, when He should be number one. And if that isn’t a sign that  something needs to be changed, I don’t know what is.

If you’ve read any of my last few posts, you’ve heard a little bit about my faith. How I’ve gone from not believing at all to somebody wanting to believe to someone whose faith just isn’t strong enough. I’m working on getting better, but this is something I need to fix

See, I just don’t think I have time for God. With work and school and extracurriculars and friends, I’m running around like crazy. I have all these things to do, and God just never seems to make the list.

But that’s where I’m wrong. I do have the time, I’m just giving it to unnecessary things. choose to watch Netflix when I could be praying, texting when I could be reflecting on God. And I need to do better.

One of my problems is that the only times during the week I actually commit to God are Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights. I need to decide to make it so I do have the time. It could just be praying once a day, or it could be any number of other things. But I need to find that time for myself, because that’s very likely a big reason why my faith isn’t as strong as it could be.

I also need to be more open about what I believe and why I’m confused. For the longest time, I refused to bring it up because I wasn’t sure what I would say, or what others would think. I saw religion as a social event, kind of a competition. But it’s really not. It’s about getting to know God and his amazing love on different levels each day, because he cares about you so much. It’s about opening your mind up to all the possibilities He has put in your life, and all the cool things you can do with Him at your side.

All my other priorities are great, but they are nothing compared to God. I’ll be done with my extracurriculars in just a few years, and the same goes for my job. My friends and family will last longer, but God is eternal. So why not put the most amazing, long-lasting thing I’ve got at the very top of my list? He should be there, not at the very bottom. And I intend to put Him there.


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