gameday lines

If you live in Ohio, you’ve probably heard of the Ohio State/Michigan rivalry. Who hasn’t? It’s one of, if not the, biggest rivalries in college football. The fans are insane. Though I don’t seem like it at all, I consider myself an Ohio State fan.

Now, most people who’ve met me would assume I don’t like sports. But that wouldn’t be correct. Having lived in a family of Buckeye fans for my entire life, it just came naturally. While I’m not as hardcore as the rest of my family, I definitely get into it.

So how is it that I, an OSU fan, am best friends with a Michigan fan?

This seems to be a trend that’s been happening a lot recently. My ex girlfriend is a Michigan fan. (Maybe that’s why it didn’t work out.) And now my best friend. You’d think I would have learned by now.

But, see, I have. We may make sarcastic comments about the other’s team, but they only really start to come around the start of the season. So  for three months of the year it’s kind of a big deal. Other than that, we don’t care that much.

On game days, lines are drawn, but other than that she’s pretty much my favorite person in the world. You’d think this would be a big deal, but it’s not at all. And it’s shown me some things.

One trait does not make a person. Ohio State fans grow up despising Michigan, sometimes even to the point where they refuse to say the name. Yet she and I are still incredibly close. This one thing doesn’t matter, and in fact, I wouldn’t have it any other way. (It showed me that even my favorite people are human and capable of making incredibly bad decisions.)

Being friends with a type of person you never thought you would be opens up all sorts of experiences, some good and some bad. Luckily for me, all of mine have involved cheering while Ohio State crushes Michigan.


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