“Yes, this is the real me. #nofilter.”

“All-natural look today! #nofilter.”

“I’m saying everything that comes to my mind… #nofilter.”

One of these is not like the others… A trend on social media has always been to make a big deal out of when you’re not using  filter. It’s your all-natural look, just yourself. Yet, can that really be true? Though the picture may not have filters applied to it, you certainly went through a selection process, always choosing the best picture to put out there. Everybody crafts an image of themselves they want the general public to see, whether that’s a good thing or not.

Now, as of recent I’ve been thinking about this concept. People seem to have this perfectly created idea of who they are, yet I don’t. I seem to take #nofilter quite literally, saying exactly what I think more often than not. Is this a good thing? On some occasions, yes. It’s the most authentic me I can put out there, so people know wht they’re getting into when they’re around me. None of this cloak-and-dagger deception that comes with these personas some people create for themselves. But is being completely open actually any better than hiding away?

I definitely know I can come off as more than a bit overwhelming at times. I’ve just accepted that. But is living my life unfiltered really doing me any good? There’s always a balance between saying what you actually think and saying what people want to hear. I used to think the too much of the latter was the only thing that could be bad, but the former can definitely get you in some trouble. (I’d know from experience.)

So I’ve decided that having a filter isn’t always bad. It can make sure you don’t do or say some potentially stupid things, but you can still be authentic. It’s just a slight change that might be better in the long run. By being careful of what you say or do, you provide yourself with many opportunities down the road where that may be important. Though most people love the idea of #nofilter, I’ve decided living #slightlyfiltered can be just as good, if not better. After all, not everything needs to be said, some tings are better left unsaid.


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