216 days. That’s how long I’ve waited.

216 days since the day I bought the tickets, the tickets to see one of my favorite bands again. And one day until the concert. Yet, for some reason, I was more excited the day I bought the tickets than I am today.

216 days of anticipation, of buildup. Yet today I’m not even that excited. It’s as if the closer I get, the less real it feels. I was so excited about this, but now? I barely think of it. You’d expect it to be the first thing on my mind, but it’s not. Almost as if I’ve gotten used to the idea of it. Now that it’s here, I’m not sure it should be. It feels as if the anticipation of it has almost been more fun.

286 days. That’s how long freshman year was.

286 days of excitement for summer, of being tired and wishing it was here already. Yet six days in and I’m already missing school.

286 days to wait for a summer that has already become tiring. A summer with so many hours, more than I can handle. The anticpation for this was building all year, but now that it’s here I realize it’s not what I’d hoped.

60 seconds. That’s how long a minute is.

60 seconds of right now, of this very minute. Of appreciating what’s going on around us. There isn’t anything like this one minute, whether you like it or not.

60 seconds is the length of time it could take to change the course of your life. We’re always looking ahead, anticipating the next big thing. But sometimes, as we get closer, our views change. Maybe it isn’t what we hoped. Maybe it is, but all that ¬†anticipation prevents us from really living in the moment. Now is important, and we don’t focus on it nearly enough. The next thing could be better, but we never look enough at what we have here. And that’s something we all need to do.

(a/n: i’m not really a fan of this post but i’m having a lot of trouble writing anything else so i guess i’m going with this one.)


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