music to my ears

A-Dot-PUSH. That’s the thing that scares me most about my sophomore year. I’ve heard all the horror stories from upperclassmen, and I’m not sure I’m ready for it. AP American History, the bane of everyone’s existence. But for some reason, I took it anyway, and I’m not sure if I’m emotionally prepared. The workload is supposedly insane, but I have one trick up my sleeve to keep me sane.

Look, turns out I have a secret weapon-a historically accurate musical that goes by the name of Hamilton. It tells the tale of Alexander Hamilton, the American Revolution, and the creation of a new government, all through hip-hop. And thanks to my Non-Stop listening to it, I have a very thorough knowledge of all those topics. I have had the fortune to be one of the first classes who has had the ability to listen to this beautiful creation and take APUSH at the same time, and it will be my saving grace.

This musical, which was worked on for seven years, is the brainchild of one Lin Manuel-Miranda, and has garnered widespread accolades (including 16 Tony nominations, the most in history for a single production.) Tickets to see the show on Broadway have sold out for the next four years, and resale can be upwards of a thousand dollars. Do I hope to see the show? Someday yes, but chances are fairly low. Until then, I can only listen to the soundtrack and bask in its glory.

So what makes this so enthralling, when most students consider their History class to be the one time they’re able to get a nap in? Well, for one, the musical touches on the one untapped aspect of pop culture not seen yet on Broadway-rap. As one of the most popular genres at the moment, the potential of this musical increases exponentially as soon as it’s brought into the picture. Add in the lyrical and comedic genius of Manuel-Miranda, and you have a recipe for success.

I’m not a big fan of rap personally, but even I can appreciate the slick rhymes and entertaining beats involved in each and every song. Though it has definite aspects of a musical (such as the constant breaking out into song), it’s not what you’d expect. This is what gives it that appeal to the masses, and why everything in it is so memorable. Since it is historically accurate, it’s filling the minds of people everywhere with all sorts of facts. Aaron Burr gave us a verse or twenty, dropping a whole lot of knowledge.

Seeing as this gets me through a couple decades of history, whenever I do a presentation next year I’m going straight for Alexander Hamilton. Now I just need a dozen more musicals like this, and I’ll be set for sophomore year. Who knows, maybe next I’ll finally be able to sing about trigonometry-a dream come true.


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